Water for orchidsOrchids can produce some of the most beautiful and showy blooms in the plant kingdom.If you are an orchidist (someone who likes and collects orchids) then you should understand the importance of water quality for orchid care and cultivation. Like most plants, orchids need light, air, water, and fertilizer. The optimal levels of each component is necessary for healthy orchid growth. At Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing we are concerned about water for orchids. Components of water which affect orchid health and the quantity and quality of orchid blooms include:

  • pH: pH is the measurement of how much acid is in the water. Most orchids prefer water with pH between pH 5.5 and pH 6.5. The pH of water for orchids can affect the absorption of fertilizers and the efficacy of insecticides.
  • Alkalinity:Alkalinity is the measurement of how much “buffering capacity” is in the water. In other words: it is the ability of water to resist huge changes in pH. Low alkalinity is bad because the pH of plants soil will eventually drift away from the optimal pH. High alkalinity usually causes an increase in pH.
  • Salts & Minerals: Small concentrations of dissolved calcium and magnesium are necessary for orchid growth; however too much dissolved salts will cause root tip burn. Insoluble salts such as calcium carbonate will leave residue (scale) on the leaves and may block orchid pores.

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Call Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing for a free water quality test. You may want to get a water treatment system so that you can give the best water for your orchids and household plants.  Reverse osmosis has emerged as one of the best ways to purify water for orchids. We have a selection of purification systems to suit your needs from small, home-use systems to commercial grade filtration systems. Contact us by phone: (858) 488-8373, or by Email: contact us online.