Water for nurseriesIf you are a hobbyist devoted to plant care or if you own a plant nursery then you should maximize the health of your plants by giving them pure, clean water. Water from the tap may contain chemicals and pollutants which are harmful to your plants. Getting a water purification and treatment system will require an initial investment but it will be worth it. Good quality water for nurseries means better health for your plants and better success for you.

Some of the issues that concern nursery owners and managers are: water pH, water alkalinity, water hardness, chemical pollutants, and bacterial contamination. Most plants prefer water with pH ranging from pH 6 to pH 7. Water alkalinity is measured in parts per million (ppm) of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Plants thrive well with water alkalinity between 0 and 100 ppm, with the best levels at 30 ppm to 60 ppm. Chemical and bacterial contamination is never good under any situation therefore, you should filter out the contaminants whenever possible.

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Call Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing for a free water quality test. You may want to get a water treatment system so that you can give the best water for your plants in the nursery or at home.  Reverse osmosis has emerged as one of the best ways to purify water for plants. Coast Water Conditioning and Plumbing carries a large selection of systems for water softening, filtration, purification, and deionization. In addition, we have products for home-use and systems for commercial enterprises. We provide free water testing upon request.  Contact us to get information on water for nurseries: by phone: (858) 488-8373, or by Email: contact us online. Family owned and serving San Diego and surrounding areas.  You can see our San Diego specials here.