Water for VintnersVintners are wine merchants and wine makers. People who are just starting to make wine for the first time are surprised to learn that you need to wait 6 to 12 months before you can drink it. White wine should be stored for at least 6 months before consumption and red wines should be stored for 12 months or more. Given that you have to wait so long before you can enjoy the fruits of your labors, you should ensure that you start with the best ingredients possible. The major component of wine is the grapes but the quality of the grapes is not really under your control. But you can control the water you use in wine making. Increase your chances of great tasting wine with the best water for vintners.

Quality Water for Vintners

Whether you are making home made wine from a kit, or making wine from fresh grapes, you will need to add some water. When making wine from a kit, you will need gallons and gallons of water to dilute the grape juice concentrate. When making wine from fresh grapes, you will need water to rehydrate and activate the yeast, and water to dissolve the sugar. Not to mention, you will need lots of water to wash and sterilize your wine making equipment and wine bottles.

Making wine with poor quality water is a recipe for disappointment. Take the extra step to filter and treat your water so as to avoid a less than satisfying batch of wine. When you reconstitute grape juice from a wine making kit, the quantity of water needed is significant: it is obvious that the quality of your wine will depend on the quality of your water. Even when you only use water to activate the yeast, it is still very important to use water that has the correct pH so the yeast is vibrant and performs at it’s best. As well, you want to remove chemicals, especially chlorine which inhibits the yeast.

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