Water for Cannabis GrowersIf you grow cannabis then you probably value your plants and want to take care of them. Like all plants, cannabis needs light, nutrients, and water. At Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing, we offer you options to filter, condition, and purify water so you have a higher chance of getting healthier plants. We recommend clean water for cannabis growers because all living things need clean water.

Collected rain water and water from streams and rivers may be contaminated with bacteria, metals, chemicals, and other pollutants. These components can negatively affect the health of your cannabis plants. High quality water will allow for the growth of high quality plants. Experienced marijuana growers understand the importance of clean water for people and for plants.  Whether you are growing cannabis for fun or as a business, you want to protect your investment by staring with clean water.

pH of the Water for Cannabis Growers

Water for your marijuana plants should have a pH close to pH 6.5. The roots of cannabis plants do not absorb nutrients well below pH 6 and above pH 7.5. The pH of the water will change depending on the amount of nutrients that is in the soil so the growth conditions are fluctuating at every moment. If you grow your marijuana plants hydroponically, controlling water pH is even more important because the pH can swing from high to low relatively quickly. Hydroponic plants do not have soil to buffer or dampen the changes in pH.

If you’re not sure about the water coming out of the faucet, contact us to book an appointment for free water testing.  Call San Diego Coast Water Conditioning and Plumbing at : (858) 488-8373 or you can also contact us online. We have various water treatment systems for cannabis growers.