San Diego Water Softener System

For homes which have hard water, a water softener system can really help take the edge off the water from your tap. Hard water will cause calcium build up and decrease the efficiency and longevity of your appliances. Faucets caked with calcium and hard-water deposits are difficult to clean and are unsightly to behold. In addition to looking bad, hard water will leave spots in your just-cleaned dishes and will make your laundered clothes stiff and coarse. An invisible, but equally important issue is that hard water will clog up your plumbing system. It is clear that if your home has hard water, it is time to call our technicians for a San Diego Water Softener System.


What is Hard Water? Is it Bad?

Hard water comes about when minerals such as calcium and magnesium dissolve into the water as the water travels through the ground. These minerals and contaminants cause water to be “hard” and may cause your drinking water to have an odor or an after taste. In severe cases, your water may not even be suitable for drinking. More commonly, hard water renders shampoos, soaps and detergents less effective because instead of cleaning the dirt, the soap coagulates with the minerals that are in the water. This soap-salt combination results in a film or residue on your dishes, in your clothes, and on your hair and body.

A San Diego Water Softener System that Suits You

A San Diego Water Softener System can help lessen the effects of hard water by removing the magnesium and calcium in exchange for another ion such as sodium: sodium being a component of table salt. Here at Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing, we carry an extensive line of water softener systems including Clack, Fleck, Culligan, Rayne, Ecowater, Sears, and Autotrol. Contact us for details as to which system is best for you.

Servicing an Existing Water Softener System

We service almost all types of water softeners so if you already own a water softener, we can maintain it or repair it for you. Keep your family healthy with clean, healthy drinking water; get your laundry clean and soft; and lengthen the lifetime of your appliances with a water softener system

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