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Commercial Water Treatment Systems San Diego
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Commercial Water Treatment Systems San Diego
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San Diego Commercial Deionization Systems

San Diego Commercial Deionization SystemsCommercial deionization systems are used to remove ions from water. Ions come in two types: cations which are positively charged and anions which are negatively charged. Most deionization systems have two tanks; one tank removes the cations and the second tank removes the anions. Some deionization systems have only one tank: here both cation and anion exchangers are mixed into a single tank.

San Diego commercial deionization systems are used to produce ion-free water, also known as mineral-free water. This type of water is necessary for some chemical reactions, pharmaceutical productions, electroplating, processing of leather goods, and more. At home, deionized water can be used as the final rinse in car washes or used in fish tanks. You can think of deionized water as water stripped of all minerals and ions.

Because deionized water is stripped of positive and negative ions, it is not recommended that you drink deionized water. A little deionized water may be alright, but drinking deionized water on a long term basis may cause an imbalance in your body’s natural mineral content. In essence, the deionized water is extracting the minerals and vitamins out of your body. Some ions such as calcium are important for good health. In addition, it is important to understand that deionized water is free of positively-charged and negatively-charged particles: it does not remove particulates, bacteria, germs, and non-charged contaminants.

Please call us at Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing to learn more about San Diego commercial deionization systems. We carry a range of water purification systems and can help you find a system suited for your business needs.  With 50 years experience in the industry, we are confident that we can install a system that is appropriate for you.