residential drain services San DiegoResidential drain services San Diego are often needed in the kitchen or bathroom.  Kitchen sinks are notorious for being backed up because of grease and bits of food.

When hot, oils and butter are liquid, but once they go down the sink, they cool and solidify into amorphous, sticky gobs which clog drains.  Once plugged, your kitchen sink will not drain well, may backup when you run the dishwasher, and may have a terrible odor.  It is time to call Coast Water Conditioning & Plumbing residential drain services San Diego.

Bath tubs and showers have a different problem. If your shower and tub drain slowly, it is most likely due to tangled hair in your pipes.  Hair combined with dirt and grime from bath water can result in a tenacious plug.  Our residential drain services in San Diego include the use of drain cameras to find the clog, and hydro-jets to dislodge or remove the plug.  Plumber’s snake is effective in scraping the sides of the pipes clean so you have a faster rate of water drainage.

A clogged toilet is not a pleasant affair. Let our residential drain services in San Diego do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Toilets can be clogged for a number of reasons, but most of the time, it is due to objects (such as toys) which have fallen into the toilet. Instead of retrieving it, the culprit flushed it, thereby causing havoc in your home sewage system.  Even though you can’t see the problem, you know it’s there!

Similarly, laundry drains are often backed up because of foreign objects (forgotten in pockets) are washed into the drain and sewage system.  Add to that lint and oils and grease from dirty clothes and you’ve got yourself a mess.

Reliable Residential Drain Services San Diego

No matter which part of your house is affected, slow or clogged drains are frustrating.  In bad situations, a clogged drain can cause a flood and thousands of dollars in damage.  Don’t suffer slow draining pipes, fix the problem by calling for residential drain services in San Diego. (858) 488-8373.